Top Three Ways Blockchain Is Killing It in Agribusiness

BY CHRISTINA COMBEN Yes. This is another post about how blockchain will revolutionize an industry. But if you’re bored of reading about hypotheticals, stay on this page. We’re going to look at how blockchain in agribusiness is actually making a positive impact already with real, live use cases and companies making cost-savings and improving efficiencies now. Blockchain in Agribusiness The ...

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Techfugees Founder on Leveraging Blockchain to Help Refugees

By Richard Malone For all the flack blockchain and crypto get for being voodoo dark net money, many organizations are beginning to understand the potential for blockchain to provide pervasive social impact. One of the hot topics of discussion at the Blockchain for Social Impact conference was how blockchain will help alleviate the numerous maladies associated with the worldwide refugee ...

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Top 10 Most Active Blockchain Politicians – Global Edition

BY: DAVID HAMILTON  (CoinCentral) The World Wide Blockchain Blockchain technology is transforming global economics in a major way.  This game-changing technology reduces inefficiencies in the current business systems by providing a more secure alternative to the status quo. Blockchain technology is less than 10-years old and already, the progress that has been achieved is inspiring. However, despite the obvious technical advantages ...

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